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It’s time you shifted from surviving to thriving, by harnessing improved processes, better technology, and increased task automation; all uniquely catered to your organization.

We can help your small business or nonprofit find its stride so you can start looking forward and achieve more of your goals, happier.

Develop, integrate, and automate digital systems including recurring invoicing, information management, access management, asset tracking, scheduling, event management, client management, ticketing, and more.

Improve and digitize your accounting processes and systems across management, billing, bookkeeping, payroll, benefits, reimbursement, AR, AP, forensic accounting, auditing, amortization, process improvement, and taxes.

Document your systems and processes to develop your internal resource library.

Onboard, train, and manage your staff or volunteers more easily and consistently.

Manage projects and tasks with more team cohesion and viewable data.

Prototype, produce, and install real world asset and access management systems.

Digitize, catalog, and package your documents, photographs, video, and more.

Improve staff relations while utilizing our world-class training and resources in the fields of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Crisis Counseling.

Need more help? We are part of a vibrant community of doers, makers, and workers. If we don’t do it, we can likely recommend someone who does.

Our Method

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    We start with a free, initial meeting so you can explain your goals, meet us, and get any questions you have answered. If everyone is happy we do paperwork and take a deposit. After that we start coordinating interviews with stakeholders and shadowing of staff. Our goal is to map out workflows of associated tasks (like what happens when a new client calls you) and identify friction points. Your feedback and input is appreciated and vital.

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    Research and Proposals

    Next we pull all of your input and our observations together and start figuring out how we can attain your goals. We leverage our experience paired with oodles of research and testing in order to present you with the best options for your specific situation. Each solution will be presented with their benefits, short-comings, and what integration and documentation looks like.

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    Integration and Evaluation

    Once approved, we will build, acquire, and/or set up each system and integrate it with your existing workflows while trying to be as minimally disruptive as possible. If your goal includes a major shift, you will have a timeline of change and we will strategize ways to keep your business running while we work to minimize downtime. As we progress and once we’re done we’ll check in and look at ways things can be tweaked for improvement.

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    Documentation and Training

    We will work with stakeholders and staff to document and teach your custom tech solution in a way that is easily reference-able and editable for when things need to change down the line. Our teaching will be documented so you can repeat it to new employees. Our goal is that at the end of this process you are self-sufficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. If you’ve read this far the chances are that doing things the way you’re doing things isn’t fulfilling your goals. That feeling doesn’t iron itself out on its own, it takes growth and work. Let us help.
We're not here to reinvent your wheel, just upgrade your suspension with some newer components so things ride a lot smoother.
Our recommended solutions are scalable to any budget. Between working with limited nonprofit resources to carte blanche funding, we have always found ways to solve problems and relieve friction points.
We charge $75/hour paid prior to each ten hours of work. Initial consultation is free. We also offer special pricing rates and structures to minority-owned, woman-owned, and nonprofit businesses.

Our Ethos

We enjoy our work and have a passion for making people’s lives easier. We believe at the small business level, that comes from staff being less hindered by out-of-date modes of operating and more empowered through technology.

We’re nice folks. We’ll always treat you and your fellow staff with respect and kindness. We strongly value diversity, affirming others, and making space for all. If that’s not your bag we understand but would rather you seek other help.

We’ve been busy and we’re proud of it.
Let us share our…

12 years of small business accounting in various sectors with assets ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions.

15 years of web and application development for small business and nonprofits.

15 years working in the nonprofit sector.

25+ years of small business experience and perspective from working in myriad roles within organizations ranging from 1 to 50 employees.

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